Stellas Pizza Kitchen

Heroes of La Cañada

The last couple of years have called on so many to help each other to get through the Pandemic, fires, crazy politics and so much more. Healthcare workers risking getting sick while caring for the sick.

Police officers and firefighters doing whatever is necessary to keep our communities safe. Grocery store employees being lectured by jerks and still keeping our shelves stocked. Truck drivers trucking, food deliverers delivering, utility workers keeping our lights on and water flowing. People volunteering to help those in need.

It is a combination of all these people that manage to lift
our spirits and inspire us to keep moving forward no matter what. 

A hero can be any age, any gender,
any job, any religion.
They could be a person or
a business or an organization.

Help Stella’s Pizza Kitchen recognize the people
in our community
who have gone
far above and beyond to make our
little neck of the woods a better place.

Every Friday we will award free lunch for
the hero and three of their hero friends. 

We want to hear about your hero.